The Many Uses for LSP Airless Spray Equipment

Precise, controlled dispensing of fluids in an Airless Spray. If there is an application where a measured amount of lubricant is required on a demand schedule the LSP Airless Spray Equipment is ideally suited for the job. Here are a few applications that need this versatile equipment. Use your imagination for other applications.


The LSP Airless Ejectors are designed to dispense a small amount of lubricant into the die area upon command. It is a positive displacement pump that uses an Airless Spray to dispense the lubricant into the die area on a predetermined cycle of the press. Set the volume of lubricant needed and the Ejectors will deliver that amount automatically as programmed.

Bearing Lubrication

Bearing lubrication made easy. Timely lubrication delivered with the MicroSpray-II or the MiniSpray-II and controlled with the LSP Electronic Controller and. Designed to handle up to 16 points with a standard unit. The Controller can be programmed to lubricate all bearings at the same time or lubricate at different times. Each point is lubricated with a small, measured amount of lubricant.

Overhead Conveyor Lubrication

Lubricating conveyors on a regular basis eliminates jerking and grabbing. Using the LSP Airless Ejectors applies the lubricant when needed and puts the lubricant where needed, on the bearings. An LSP Controller picks up the location of the bearing and signal the Airless Ejectors to dispense an instantaneous dispersions of lubricant to when needed.

Assembly Applications

The MicroSpray-II can apply lubricant to a part prior to the insertion of another part. By applying the lubricant in a controlled manner, the parts aare assembled without damaging the parts. Shown here is a sleeve being lubricated prior to the insertion of an O-ring.

Roll Forming

Lubricate selected rolls with the Airless Ejectors. Place Ejectors near each station or group together and run Nozzles to the different rolls. The Ejectors are set to dispense a small volume of lubricant and programmed to actuate on a timed cycle so that rolls are consistently receiving lubricant to increase roll life, improve quality and clean up the work area.