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LSP Systems

Airless Spray Lubrication

Precise, controlled dispensing of fluids in an airless spray.
  • PresSpray
    Economical, positive-displacement for spray lubrication with distribution of fluid split between one to many nozzles. For light to heavy fluids. Learn more
  • PresSpray Plus
    Premier, positive-displacement spray lubrication with independent nozzle volume control and timing for ultimate control. For light to heavy fluids. Learn more
  • MaxaMizer
    Computer controlled time-pressure system for easy operator interface. For light fluids. Learn more

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Roller Coater Lubrication

Efficient roller lubrication systems from 1 inch to 72 inches wide.

  • FloaterCoater
    Heavy duty systems for 12 to 72” wide material. Rolls float with passline of material! Learn more
  • MiniCoater
    Lighter duty systems for material width up to 12”. Learn more
  • B-Coater
    Specifically designed for blanks – hand fed or integrated with robotic handling. Learn more
  • FinCoater
    Ideal for applying light coatings to fast moving thin gage materials (i.e. fins). Learn more

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Low Pressure Mist Lubrication

Micro dosing low-pressure lubrication systems with 1 to 6 ejectors per system.

  • MeterMizer
    Used for Minimal Quantity Lubrication(MQL) in primarily cutting applications. Learn more

Low Pressure Mist Lubrication Overview

Coolant, Air, and Manifold Products

Three unique products offerings.

  • Mist Coolant
    Economical, venturi-based coolant applicators for manual cutting applications. Learn more
  • Blastmatic
    Air ejection system to reduce set-up time, shop noise, and utility costs. Learn more
  • ExpandaFold
    Modular manifold system for air or fluid. Learn more

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Soft Head Hammers

These versatile hammers offer the best features for most applications. The heads are cast of LSP's Soft Alloy, Brass, and Malleable Iron materials. The handles, consisting of a sturdy steel shank with a contoured safety-grip molded permanently onto it, are extremely durable. The grip, of a cushion synthetic rubber, has a comfortable, no-slip feel when grasped. Five different size heads will fit on our standard handle saving up to 70% in cost.

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Lamson Oil

Trust Lamson Oil Company to be the source for your stamping lubricant needs.

When you choose Lamson, you get an extensive array of quality products - including the finest straight oils, specialty oils, synthetic lubricants, vanishing oils and water soluble oils - along with the expertise to make the perfect selection for any job.

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