MQL Lubrication Solution

The MeterMizer is used for small controlled amounts of fluid, Micro Dosing, either in a low-pressure spray or a straight drop void of air. The dispersion of fluid is done on an intermediate timed sequence or upon manual command. MeterMizer is a positive displacement pump that can dispense lubricant into a low pressure steam of air or can dispense a controlled drop of fluid, void of air, to the work area. The MeterMizer's unique design allows it to be used in many different applications and is available with one to six ejectors per system. Each ejector comes with 8 feet of tubing and a nozzle mounted on a magnetic base. Reservoirs are mounted on the MeterMizer or can be located remotely from the unit.

Each MeterMizer nozzle is supplied with coaxial tubing with one tube carrying low pressure air and the other fluid. A positive displacement pump injects fluid into the air stream to be disbursed on the work piece. A programmable air timer sets how often the fluid is displaced into the MeterMizer nozzle. This low-pressure type of lubrication is known as MQL or MicroDosing lubrication.

Microdosing Solution

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