Lubricating Blanks …Working Smarter, Not Harder

A metal stamper in Wisconsin was manually applying water soluble lubricant to blanks with a spray bottle. By manually applying lubricant, they had slow cycle times and were limited to lubricating only the top side of the blanks.

LSP introduced them to our computer controlled B-Coater, designed specifically for working with blanks. The B-Coater quickly eliminated the need for spray bottles and delivered consistent and accurate lubrication on both the top and bottom side of the blanks. This sped up operations by 50%, reduced lubricant consumption by 50% and reduced the amount of rejects. As a bonus, the B-Coater’s controlled lubricant spray resulted in a cleaner work space.


From No Control to Precise Control

A large metal stamper based in the South East came to LSP Industries looking for a way to reduce their reduce their lubricant consumption and related costs. They were using a competitor’s product that applied lubricant to the entire width of the coil stock surface while only a small strip of lubricant was necessary.

By switching to LSP’s FloaterCoater with smooth polyurethane rollers (plus the LSP computer package) and using the adjustable dispenser valves, the customer could select where to apply the lubricant on the stock (only 40% of the coil width). This dramatically reduced the amount of lubricatant used.

The customer went from having no control over lubrication application to precise control and saw a 60% reduction in lubrication costs! Additionally, their work environment is now cleaner and changeovers require less cleaning.


Make More, Spray Less

An automotive parts maker in Illinois was looking to maximize productivity while cutting down on lubricant waste. The challenge was that their production process required spray flooding entire dies with a water-soluble lubricant. This wasted lubricant and added maintenance and cleaning time.

We provided the LSP Maxamizer, our computer controlled, low pressure, airless spray system ideal for large presses. With the ability to dispense lubricant from up to 12 nozzles (and each variably) the customer could pinpoint the 6 locations that required lubrication, rater than flooding the entire die. This led to a reduction in lubricant consumption by 50%. In addition, dies required less frequent sharpening (75% reduction!). The work area required less clean-up, and secondary operations required less prep cleaning, reducing manual labor requirements.

Forging Applications … From Hot to Not

A tool manufacturer in the Chicago-area came to us looking for more precise control over lubrication and “hot spots” during the forging process, as well as a reduction in lubrication consumption.

LSP’s solution was the Maxamizer. This system allowed the customer to pinpoint 6 specific lubrication locations on the die and to control the lubrication timing to effectively dissipate the “hot spots.” Ultimately the customer was able to reduce lubricant consumption by roughly 60%. A cleaner work area, consistent lubrication control and a reduced amount of rejects were additional benefits.

This was the first unit of the Maxamizer ever sold and it is still in operation today – over 10 years later!

Maxamizer and MiniCoater Combination

Keeping Up With Progressive Dies

An automotive stamper in Tennessee who works specifically with progressive dies and thin gauge stock (.020) was having issues with a mist lubricant system constantly breaking down and causing lengthy downtime.

LSP’s solution was a combination of the Maxamizer, our computer controlled, low pressure, airless spray system and the MiniCoater, a smaller sized roller coater designed for applying lubricant to stock as it enters the press. This combination allowed the customer to control the volume, pressure and timing of the lubricant (a light viscosity vanishing oil) across all stations of the progressive die. The MiniCoater applied a light amount of lubricant to the top and bottom of the stock entering the press, while the Maximizer nozzles would continue to apply lubricant to precise spots on the stock throughout the process.

The end result was a a better final product and reduced lubricant consumption. And reliable equipment meant a further increase in productivity and revenue!


Spray Heavy Oil

A metal stamper on the East Coast was utilizing a “homemade” air-over-oil system to apply a heavy lubricant onto the coil stock. The result was a foggy mess that left employees unhappy with toll on their work environment.

LSP upgraded them to our PresSpray model P-175, a high pressure (capable of handling up to 2,000 SSU) airless spray lubrication system with individual volume and velocity control. The system was delivered with all major components preinstalled,, allowing it to be operational in minutes. The P-175 easily sprayed the lubricant through 2 nozzles without any fogging in the work area. The PresSpray created a cleaner, safer work environment while reducing lubricant consumption by 50%.