Our History

Raymond LaMantia graduated from Illinois Wesleyan with a BA in 1956, then spent two years in the military service. After leaving the military, he spent the next six years selling chemicals for Turco Products. His business experience was limited, his engineering and mechanical ability was even more limited, but he was determined to set off on his own. What he did have was a good background in sales.

While calling on Elgin Watch in 1964, he was informed that they had a non-related product that they were interested in selling. Knowing nothing about it, he bought it for $12,000 and LSP Industries, Inc. was born.

From this small purchase, Raymond learned what is necessary to run a small company.

In 1968 another opportunity arose when he heard that a company was experimenting with an airless spray but couldn't get it fully operational. He purchased the blueprints for $250 and LSP Industries was officially in the airless spray equipment business. By trial and error, a working unit was made, and sales started.

LSP hired an engineer and started doing their own manufacturing. This was the turning point of LSP industries. The products were refined, and sales took off.

In 1972 with a few employees, Raymond set out to sell the products overseas and set up distribution in Europe. LSP Industries became an international company.

During this time, Raymond's sons started to enter the business: Greg first, then Jeff, followed by Brad.

In 1975, they started a lubricant company, Lamson Oil, to complement the airless spray equipment company.

Their next expansion was setting up distribution in Asia with Japan, China and Korea.

In 1998 all three sons were seeking new opportunities in the business. They found an industrial soap company near bankruptcy and purchased it. Whisk Products, Inc. was welcomed into the family. It took about four years before the company turned around and started to show a profit.

In 2005, the world was hit with a major recession. LSP was severely restrained during this period. As the recession lifted, Ray decided that it was time to retire and turned the company over to his three sons. It was decided that Brad would become President, Greg, Financial Manager and Jeff, Operations Manager.

Under Brads' guidance LSP has now become a more technically managed company fully utilizing all of the technical opportunities available today. The company is secure and the future is bright for great things to happen for LSP Industries.

The Leader in Lubrication Technology

LSP Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality lubrication systems. Products range from PressSpray® Air-Less Spray Systems and FloaterCoater® roller coaters for the metal stamping industry. OptiMist® mist coolant systems serve the machine tool industry. Our job is to provide the best quality lubrication systems for a variety of environments from the job shop to automated production environments. We invite you to talk with our Application Specialists to determining how we can help control your lubricant use and costs.  Specialty product lines include ExpandaFold® Manifoldable On/Off Valves for easy time-saving manifold solutions, BlastMatic® Air Blow-off Parts Ejection System for simplified part removal, and Replaceable Head Soft and Brass Hammers for cost-effective non- marring striking power.

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