Manual On/Off Valves are attached on each side of the cabinet, one set for the top roll and one set for the bottom roll. Each On/Off Valve regulates supply of lubricant to a Dispensing Head. The Dispensing Head disperses the lubricant onto a specific area of the roll.

Attached manifolds simplify installation – Simply mount, attach the lubricant supply and return lines and your done!

The FloaterCoater line is comprised of eight standard units to cover the common applications found in stamping. The units are divided into three families. Each family has the same size housing with the exception of the length, and they use the same diameter rolls.

Dimensions 20.25 × 6.5 × 8.935 in

12 in.

Remote Valves


Lubrication Distribution



Location of Valves

On/Off Valves in the Cabinet

Lubricant Distribution


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